Thursday, October 26, 2006

Numb (Contents of) Skull

I''ve been having a hard time, and I tend to withdraw when that happens - even from myself. I have a private blog that only I see (also a 'Codex', the fourth notebook), and I can guage the state of things by looking at how long it's been since I've made an entry into that. Sometimes I just have a little dry spell or feel lazy for awhile, and that's one thing. But if it's been over a couple weeks, something's wrong. If it were something new wrong, I'd probably let whatever it is happen and settle, then write about it. But if it's the same old damn thing, I'll just turn away from myself, fed up and disgusted. I go kind of numb, and that's where I am lately. Tired, in the big tired-of-life kind of way.

I need some good news. Anything will do, actually. Got any good news? Gno gnus is gnot gnecessarily good gnus.

The latest on my other job: Gilmore Girls on Tuesday, recalled for tomorrow. This is not usually the pleasantest or tightest set, but they did a pretty good job the other day. I love going to Warner Bros. because it is so easy to get to and from.

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