Friday, October 06, 2006

Jeff/Cath Update - He's Ahead

His team is looking a lot better:

Jeffrey B.
To: me
October 5 (1 day ago)

NOW you finally have to buy [me] a scratcher! I thought the day would never come. Scratch it, my fingers are crossed!! Who does Seattle play this weekend?

Catherine T.
To: Jeffrey
October 6 (22 min ago)

I had the girl at the store pick one out for me, got a "Jumbo Bucks" which won $15! You get $9 to add to your $1.20
(Jeff$10.20) , I get $6. to add to my $1.80 (Cath$7.80); you are ahead by $2.40.

They play again on Sunday the 15th @ St. Louis. I think you guys play on the 8th.


Watch This (click on the pic)! Looks great, I cannot wait:

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