Sunday, October 01, 2006

Go Snap

As well as being lyrics in one of my favorite songs at the moment, the title of this post is also a good description of what my brain does when I'm sitting down at the keyboard, suddenly faced with decisions about what to say to you people. I realize how much stuff there is running through my mind (go) and I wonder where to begin. Faced with limited time, I often break off (snap) and come back later. Which at the moment, is now.

Here is some of the stuff:

*Various experiences on set, always interesting and fun

*A very cool "time machine", being transported to the gorgeous expanse of sea and sky at Whidbey Island, circa 1980, by the scent of freshly overturned earth on Sunset Blvd.

*My favorite music currently, including the new Ludacris 'Girls Gone Wild' - awesome

*What I'm doing tomorrow

*John and his blog. he's so damn good at being an adult, and a good writer, and whatever techie thing it is he does for a living. Also, he has a brand new Scion, my within-reason dream car. Read his enticing description of the God of Fire Robusto cigar that he thoroughly savored in honor of his birthday.

There's more... Hawks are playing the Bears as we speak, as are Jeff's Skins v. Jaguars. Never heard of 'em.

Okay, I'm working all day tomorrow then vigilantly keeping track of Prison Break, so I'll probably talk to you Tuesday or Wednesday.

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