Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Monk Business

Do I just look like a cashier?:

Yesterday I had fun on the set of Monk, with Tony Shaloub.

For whatever reason, they asked me to be a cashier in the shop where Monk and his friend, played by Andy Richter, are buying San Jose Sharks souvenir hard hats. It feels nice to be picked out, especially when you were just sitting around talking to this sweet kid from Dallas and not expecting anything. Anyway, setting up for the first take, Tony Shaloub came into the team store and smiled at me, gave me a warm look. I nodded and smiled. I just love that, love finding out the actors you have fun watching on TV are really nice to meet, pleasant. I watched him talk on his phone a lot, smiling and pacing around. He seemed pretty kicked back, warm. At the end of the day when Andy was wrapped, Tony applauded him and hugged him. None of his communication with anyone (including me) struck me as anything other than easy and genuine. He is not a big-voiced, announce-y actor. He's not 'on', I don't think even between "Roll sound" and "Cut". He's just being himself, then being Monk, and having a nice quiet sort of time about it. Very pleasant, classy, kind. He's a good guy and that was a pleasant set to work on.

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