Monday, October 16, 2006

Adorable Paradox

I bought a long-coveted pair of Dr. Marten's Two-Strap Mary Janes, yesterday:

Cute! And sooooooo comfy, a pitch-perfect fit. Docs devotees have always said, "once you get 'em, don't be freaked when they hurt; you'll have to spend awhile breaking them in ", so I braced myself yesterday for an afternoon of pain, blisters and not straying too far from home. This would be the excruciating Part One of what I figured would be maybe a month-long process. But...

These shoes do not hurt me, at all.

That is the least I could say: they were actually a relief from my Adidas, which are a little old now and have never been exactly right for me. I walked outta the store with them on, like an excited little kid, thinking 'hey these feel so good and do such good things for my stride, I have to wonder whether my Docs Devotee friends have been buying the wrong size for themselves.'

Or maybe the Doc is making them differently now than he did back in the day? Anyway, speaking of then, I've really wanted these particular shoes for a very long time, years actually. When I'd see them, in black, in my size, of course I'd be broke; when I had the money, I wouldn't see them or think of them. Or, they'd be all over creation but in the wrong size, wrong color (gotta have black first) or they'd have that freakish punk-geek style sole that I just can't stand.

Yesterday, I still couldn't really afford them, but here's the thing: I did have the money, there they were in black, size seven, classic sole and on sale for $69.99 (they are a $100.00 pair of shoes, $89.00 online). But here's what made the decision: they were the LAST pair of the Two-Straps in the store. Of any size, color, etc. They were the display pair. I thought, The Cosmos Hath Spoken. Today's the day.

In other news, the Seahawks won an exciting, great game against the Rams yesterday. On the other hand, the Redskins LOST to the fucking Titans. Jeeeeez. Poor Jeff. I think the pain-relief lottery ticket is pretty freezing comfort, but it did win $5 and he is still ahead of me by a few bucks.

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