Friday, October 13, 2006

Winning a Day of Work

I think I'm gonna get a call-in service. I heart Central Casting, but boy is it time-consuming to get through to them. Joy pointed out that it sounds like I'm trying to win a contest at a radio station - that is exactly what it's like. I'm trying as we speak to get booked on The Loop for Monday. Wish me luck.

Jeff/Cath update:


Good news for the Redskins - This is who you guys play Sunday:

Tennessee Titans Tennessee Titans Team Stats


big money.


You sound thrilled :P


nervous, must win that game. must.


I know man. I really do. I'll cross my fingers for ya. Just this once, if [the Redskins] lose, I'll buy a couple tickets, because that would just be TOO BAD. Enough of that though, back to optimism: the Skins will torch those "Titans" geeks.

Jeffrey B.
To: me
October 13, 2006 1 hour ago

Seahawks got a tough one against the Rams. I'm gonna watch that, should be good..

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