Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hawks got MAULED :(

From: Jeffrey B. Oct 02, 2006 (22 hours ago)

NOW you finally have to buy a scratcher! Thought the day would never come!


From: Catherine T. Oct 03, 2006 ( One hour ago)

We got killed. You guys, on the other hand, rocked the house. I think I may have been right about them waking up and rallying.


I could scratch the ticket, or stick it in the mail...? Would be nicer hand it to you and see you for coffee or something, and I wonder if there's anything wrong with like Starbucks on a Saturday.


I'm waiting to hear back, hoping to get to spend some time with my friend. I almost never get to see him anymore. When I do, it's too brief and rushed because we're at the building so he's on his way somewhere or has to get back upstairs. I'm glad we have this game because it's something to do with him even though I don't get to see him.

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