Thursday, October 19, 2006

For Some Reason...

I think the Redskins are gonna fight like the world is accustomed to seeing them fight, this weekend. I just have a feeling they'll be coming back to themselves. I think it's something about them playing the Colts ... something'll click.

I get a bit psychic about all the Seattle teams - not for every game, but now and then - when I'm keeping track of them. I'm dead on (or pretty close) surprisingly often. Well, apparently it works not only with Seattle, but any team I'm paying attention to. My hunch was right for the Redskins/Jaguars (W 36-30), and for the Seahawks' loss to the Bears (I dreaded this game, L 27-6); we'll see if I end up three for three. Check back here late Sunday or early next week.

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