Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday, Monday

Everybody's using lyrics for their blog entry posts, so I thought I'd temporarily hop on the bandwagon.

I've tweaked my sidebar a little, most notably better categorizing stuff and adding to Music. I want to add more to Music, and add a Films section. It's not so much a practical thing, as much as enjoying expressing who my favorites are and letting you know me that way. The arts, and especially these arts, are crucial to my life experience.

The Seahawks lost yesterday, ugh. Bad calls were involved, and this is a wee bit embittering, especially if you're familiar with last year's Superbowl. We won that fucking game. Even Roethlisberger copped to miscalls when he was on David Letterman. But the Hawks are good men, and they take it in stride and hang in there. They are currently missing key players that would be helping not only with the quality of their game, but morale and confidence. Phoo.

What else? Joy and Jason and I will be going out for Pho for dinner tonight. They have the best coffee on the planet, and I'm looking forward to it. If we cut into after 8p, I'll just ask Jason to TiVo Prison Break for me. Maybe I can watch that at his house Friday, and finally see the Gary Sinise thing I had him TiVo.

I have been a lazy bum at work today, completing the text of only one report. Bleah. But to end on a positive, I'm in a pretty good mood and Joy complimented how I look :) I have on some frighteningly too-roomy yoga pants on, and they are very flattering. I'm gonna have to tweak them so they stay up better. Also, I have new face scrub I just test-drove this morning, as well as nice clean hair and a fairly cute top.

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