Monday, December 04, 2006


I thought of a whole bunch of things to talk about over the weekend, and now I am drawing a BLANK. Well, while I'm thinking here, I can fall back on yesterday's awesome SEAHAWKS win. I wish I could say it was because they played really well, but they'll pick up next Sunday. The season will be getting exciting pretty soon.

Here is a Seahawks blog I found, looks good so far. If it's great, I'll link it at the sidebar. I know it's just you (4-7, depending :P) guys, but you never know when a fellow Seahawks person will Google for other fans. Maybe they'll find me and find my links useful ...?

The Redskins lost what looked for the first two quarters to be a really promising game for them, so disappointing. Jeff wrote this morning to let me know he'd be getting a ticket for me soon. I sent a far too chatty reply, as I realized the microsecond after I hit 'send'. *Sigh*.

What else, what else? Ah, here's something: I just read this fascinating book called Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, which Joy kindly checked out for me at her school library. It's something you would be fascinated by if you are curious or interested in how we read the world, especially faces. He focusses on rapid cognition, or "thin slicing", and explains that we pick up on and put together (and draw conclusions about) pieces of our reality without knowing or realizing that we are doing so, or how. He slows the process down, explains it and gives examples, and it's some cool shit. Some of his material is stuff we are generally aware of, but go on without giving too much thought to; this book reminds us. It isn't perfect, there are a couple not-too-lengthy chunks I found tedious and/or would have approached or exemplified differently (maybe would have been more careful and specific with some of the composition), but it usually sang very well and right on key. So until I can remember and write down some of the stuff I hand on hand to talk about, I'll recommend Blink.

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