Friday, December 08, 2006

A Very Buried Christmas Special

So when you are done reading this post, scroll down and check out the cleverly recast 'trailer' for Mary Poppins. So cool!

I saw this very old Christmas special called Santa Claus is Coming to Town, narrated by the always entertaining Fred Astaire, a few of nights ago. At its beginning, I wondered, have I ever seen this? I don't think so, hmmm. I dropped the thought, setting up to enjoy something unfamiliar and trying to pick out when it was produced. I also like to study these things sort of anthropologically, take the temp of some of society's notions and tendencies back in the day. But somewhere about three quarters of the way through, there was a reference to Rudolph - and I recognized it. So then things started coming back to me .... shyte, it's time to go home and I am not finished!!! I will finish this over the weekend, I promise.

Ugh, should have started earlier. :P

*December 12, 2006 - I'll come back to Christmas Specials in the coming days. If you scroll up, you'll discover I have some really exciting news. I'll probably be psyched to talk about that first for a while. :D*

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