Sunday, April 15, 2007

More Phone Pix

I took these too late in the day, but I couldn't bring myself to delete them . Sometime I'll get Joy to show me how I can crop and combine these to make a panorama:

A little virtual tour of 20th CF:

First of all:

Corporate HQ:

New York Street, overlit, sorry:

Inside NY Street:


This one too is over-sunlit, unfortunately, and I didn't have time to find its placard. I'll fix both next time I go.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Phone Pix, Checking Out My Town

Snapping Hollywood, Part the First:
Painting Stuff in an Amusing Manner

It seems I have at least slightly underestimated the quality of my phone's camera. I have been dismissing it as close to useless, a Cracker Jack prize included for show on my new phone. I can barely see the images on its tiny screen, where they look terribly pixilated, and when I click to enlarge them at my service provider's website, they look grainy and smeary. But check out what happens to them when, after clicking to enlarge, I download them to the disk:

Not great, but not so bad, either. These are snaps of the amusing art found on some of the mailboxes around my town.

Here is an open birthday card to MLK, still there since it was splashed on a the side of a building a couple months ago.

And here is another mural, painted on one of the sound stages at 20th Century Fox, facing the Pico entrance. I had been working there on Shark a couple months ago when I took this, but gave up on snapping any more of the murals on future visits due to how they looked on my phone. I missed a few great opportunites. Well, I'll be working there (on Shark once more, as it happens), again tomorrow, so I'll get the other paintings then.

Also,I will be taking some more little eyeballings around the only other town I (yet) call home (Seattle being the other and my native city, the future one being Manhattan). And now that I know it may be worth the effort, I'll upload a few of the ones that have been living uselessly on my phone but may in fact be just as good as these.