Friday, March 23, 2007


...she been gone so long, gonegonegone so long..."

But I'll be posting soon, just popping in to wave hi while I have a sec. See you probably next week.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mystery Caller!

At just after 4p this afternoon, I checked the little cell phone to make sure someone at the office hadn't tried again in vain to reach me. He hadn't and all is well, but there on the screen was this little note:

"U don't talk to me any more cutie"

Now then: I've managed to spend almost the WHOLE time from then till now (an hour and a half or so) without it occurring to me that I might have been a wrong number, reveling in the lovely mysteries of the Secret Pal: Whoooo could it BE!? Who am I not thinking of? How awful should I feel for not being able to recognize him (him, certainly?) right away? Are we at all close? Were we? Hmmm!!

After a while I thought to try a reverse look up: I could only find out that it's a prefix for Mt. Pleasant, TX. Who do I know there, I mused. Anyone? Or who do I know from somewhere else, but who has family, work, other connection to Texas? Alas, I couldn't think of a single soul, but not long after came the moment it occurred to me that the sweet, lonely words were probably meant for another girl...


But not knowing anything for sure, I do still get to keep the mystery. I love little mysteries here and there in life. They spice things up a little.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

House of Joy

Bon aprés-midi, Messieurs et Mademoiselles. I'm writing to you on a day I would ordinarily be hard at work, slaving away over various and assorted field reports. Instead I'm at Joy's house, eating Easy Mac, drinking lemonade, fucking around on the internet and listening to iTunes. I mined all the stuff that I'm sure I like from her vast library (I've spent hours on just this) into a playlist I can listen to when I'm here. I also wrote down stuff I'm not sure of, to listen through later.

I will go into work tomorrow to help our poor abandoned Luis, he of the killer sentence composition (if you read Joy's blog you know what I mean). He is unaccustomed to days on his own in there, and may have better things to do than sit around and answer the damn phone.

From there, I will be attempting to get some more background stuff. If I don't manage to get any for Wednesday (it's really a day by day thing, getting background work), I'll be coming back up here to North Hollywood, paying a visit to the call-in service peeps and finally getting signed up with them. It makes the life of someone who does this for a (meantime) living much, much easier.

Joy is in Portland, visiting her awesome bro Brian Backlash for the week. I hope she is having nine tons of fun, that the time is going nice and slow and that she comes back feeling like she got to spend a whole month away.

I'll be spending more time here while she's gone, watering all her plants and feeding any number of her pets, but I think I'll be going home for tonight in a while. My T.V. gets better reception, and Prison Break and 24 are on tonight, so. You know. I've always had my priorities straight. It is just after four now, I should be doing a vlog post in a bit.

P.S. looks like Blogger has not updated their clock for DST

Friday, March 09, 2007

In The House

I love working on a set. I love the long days, I love the actors, I love being enveloped in this other world, I love being excited about the day and my life, I love seeing and experiencing stuff that is completely unique. I love the gruff and too-cool-for-school crew, I love the happy crew, crew rules. They are so fucking great at their jobs it is insane, and you realize the Oscars and Emmys exist so that these people can get close to properly thanked. All that glitz, you realize on the set, is really the least that could be done.

I always have fun stuff I could be writing to you about these experiences... I'll be getting internet service at home again very soon and will have more time for stuff like that. (That should also mean way more frequent posts, I really do love blogging and am always wishing I could be talking to you every day. I will be doing a vlog from Joy's this weekend, so that should be fun times).

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy Birthday, George Eads!

Or, Hooray, Pussy! (the original title), whichever you prefer

I'm dedicating today's post to my current favorite actor, as I'm sure he adores pussy, and today is his birthday.

If you feel one of those lovely urges to immerse yourself in sexual discourse, but no one (or circumstance) seems to be available, click HERE. Just watch it if you're at work.

I snagged this from Blogography commentor Yello Jkt's original link.

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