Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas in Seattle, Day One

I think we may be leaving work early today, so that's cool. However, Joy's not feeling all that well though, so that's like not cool. I hope she feels all better, very soon. Sniffles and sinus problems SUCK.

Christmas in Seattle was a blast. I keep promising myself that it will not be a whole year between visits; this year I fully intend on making good on that. What I'd really like, since Joy wants to visit her brother Brian in Oregon sometime soon, is get it so we can all go to his house, then all three of us drive to Seattle. That, my friend, would be good times. Both Brian and Joy are amazing. My cousin said he'd like me to be there for the Fourth of July. I'd love that.

When I entered Seattle at nighttime on the 22nd, I got the full-on glittering skyline from the south. I knew I'd love that, but I actually found myself getting a little choked up. Down here, I don't exactly feel homesick, but I do miss and very much love my hometown. Anyway, I was amped and needed something to go do before settling in. Near where I was staying was one of my favorite haunts - maybe my number one fave - a fantastic little pub called Fadó. I just love it in there, everyone's friendly and unassuming, it feels fun and comforting. There was a band playing cover tunes, and when I went to go in, the bouncer goes "That'll be a five dollar cover, Miss", and I said "Aw, I'm just going in for a drink and a snack, wow you are so handsome", so the bouncer said, "You just go right ahead, spend your fiver on your drink, sweetie", and I thought, yes, I am home at last. I went in and the sweet waitstaffperson described to me her favorite appetizer when I ordered my beer. It sounded like heaven on Earth, so I ordered it, and it was. Here it is, and I highly recommend you get a Hefeweisen with it when you go:

Chicken Boxty Quesadillas

Our signature boxty potato pancake is richly layered with grilled chicken, melted pepper jack cheese and drizzled with a red chili aioli. Tomato pico, sour cream and salsa on the side.

I listened to the band, watched people, talked to the fun girls at the neighboring table and flirted with my cute, friendly waitress. I savored my food and soaked in the festive comfort of feeling like I belonged (I considered that, that I don't really have a hang-out here in L.A., and I should probably find one) and was really home, safe and warm and cozy in the cold weather. I drained my beer, tipped my waitress with a little extra Christmas cheer, and went to bed down for a long winter's nap.

Tomorrow or Sunday, Day Two.

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