Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Most of Day Two.

I'll put things in a nutshell - 'tis the New Year, time to move on!

On the 23rd, I rented a car, which would be a miracle except that I am WAY smart, yo. First, I went to a rental car agency and the guy said, in Down Town Seattle right before Christmas?? You will NEVER find a car; you MIGHT if you go to the airport. So what did I do? I slid right into the lobby of the Westin, sidled up to the concierge and and asked if she could please hook me up with a car. I heart concierges. She not only did, but the nice lady from Advantage Rent-a-Car
came to pick me up from this swank hotel at which I was not staying. Which the concierge knew. Neato, huh? If you ever need stuff, just ask your friendly neighborhood concierge.

So then I went up to Broadway and tried to shop for a bit, coming up empty handed but having a good time anyway. I should have gone to The Market and spent that time getting souvenir stuff for the folks in L.A.; hindsight is 20/20 :P. I called Padraic as scheduled (Buying a house anywhere in the West? Call Padraic Joseph Jordan; he is an even better real estate guy than he is a Handsome Irish Bartender - and he is a DAMN GOOD Handsome Irish fucking Bartender. Just ask me for his contact info), and we had a magnificent little lunch date at a Pho joint in Seattle's Chinatown, known there as The International District. He gave me a bottle of his gorgeous homemade Irish Cream, hugs, kisses and good wishes for the New Year. Then Mary Pat called back (I had talked with her dad earlier), and she asked if I'd go have dinner with her usual bunch at Claire's Pantry after Mass. I always love seeing her and her family and the few family friends that get together every weekend at Claire's for dinner. Mr. Henwood treated me, and I knew there'd be no use arguing.

Then I got on I-5 and went up to Mom's. Hi, Mom!

More later.

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