Wednesday, December 13, 2006

How Do I Top THAT?

I was trying to decide how to follow that most recent post, a result of the most spectacularly great news in my whole life, and thought Jeez, what? The Seahawks? Well that is a happy enough topic, I suppose. Nothing will hold a candle to getting back in touch with Tony, so. I might as well start somewhere.

The Hawks play a must-win tomorrow against the 49ers. I have some natural West Coast love for San Francisco, and I otherwise always cheer them on, but NOT TOMORROW damnit.

Aaaauuggghhh! So tense!

I'd love to see us be on top of our division again and be in contention for the SuperBowl. I'd love my hometown to make a habit of it, actually. Last year was SO exciting, and I felt so proud along with the rest of my tribe, especially Mom, Scott and Noah (an excellent athlete in his own right, thank you very much). There were some seriously questionable (and some outright bad) calls last year, and I wouldn't mind seeing a rematch with the Steelers, but whoever. Unfortunately, they missed an opportunity to clinch the NFC West last Sunday against Arizona, which would have been such a relief, but that's okay. They'll do great tomorrow, and of course we'll love 'em no matter what.

Jeff's Redskins lost their game Sunday. The update on that whole situation is that with the ticket he owed me for the previous week, we won $10. So I'm catching up:

(Jeff $ 14.20)

Let's hope (fervently, please!) that he ends up owing me a ticket on Friday morning :)

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