Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Whining :P

Bummer Alert.

Although I'm happy about a great Seahawks win, I'm attempting to dodge various symptoms of depression today, not too successfully. Ignoring it and focussing on happy shit only goes so far. It's still there.

The big fat trigger lately is going home to no one. I absolutely love and need privacy, but the pain of being by myself has gotten beyond ridiculous. The other stuff that sucks feels like it would all be less overwhelming-feeling and maybe even manageable if I were not alone.

I feel like banging my head against a wall.


My mouse is not cooperating, I feel blurry, and I really miss the Redskins guy. I also think I would love to have the computer Jason made for me, but I really don't until I have a better home than the godforsaken little hole I have at the moment. Also ... stockings will of course happen, but I'm not so sure I'll make it home. That worry is also a big factor in my bummed frame of mind and physiology.

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