Thursday, November 16, 2006

Who, Me?

Favorite Stuff (as of today, anyway):

food:Usually savory pie
meal of the day:Lunch
type of pasta:Bow Tie
type of meat:Turkey
vegetable:Yukon Gold Potatoes
kind of salad:Waldorf
kind of cookie:Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
kind of pie:a tie: Pumpkin/blackberry
pizza topping:Fresh Basil, Mmmmmm, also love artichoke hearts, mushrooms, sausage
ice cream flavor:Haagan Dazs' Mexican Chocolate (can't remember actual name)
snack:Varies too much
flavor potato chip:Sour Cream and Onion
drink:Triple short Americano with cream and sugar
alcoholic drink:Vodka drinks, I heart Cosmos
condiment (ketchup, mustard, etc.):Mayo, esp. the herbed kind at Cafe Septieme in Seattle
nationality of food (chinese, italian, etc.):Varies. Try Ethiopian sometime, Mmmmm!
restaurant:Here in L.A., so far it's still Canter's. There's a reason it's so popular and has been around so long.
breakfast food:Cereal, yogurt, fresh fruit
dinner food:Today? Meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes, salad and beer
salad dressing:Honey Mustard
way to eat a potato:As long as it's a Yukon Gold, any way is dandy
meal to cook:I like dealing with fish.
flavor coffee:If I'm getting a latte, almond. I also heart Mocha Valencias.
flavor tea:Chai
candy bar:Meh. I'll eat it if it's dark chocolate.
snack at the movies:Popcorn, rootbeer, and if I'm at the Arclight, possibly an apple chicken sausage dog.
way to eat popcorn:Still a fool for butter and salt
ice cream topping:Dark Chocolate hot fudge, whipped cream and pecans or walnuts
carnival/fair treat:Puyallup fair scones with fresh butter and blackberry jam, Mmmmmmm!!!!!
soft drink:Henry Weinhard's, any flavor
koolaid flavor:Orange
thanksgiving food:Stuffing! Turkey, Jeez, everything. That's my fave meal of the whole year.
spice (salt, sugar, cinnamon, etc.):Cinnamon
Everyday stuff
time to get up: 7:30 a.m.
place to shop:Target, usually. Downtown's good for cheap stuff.
time of day:Twilight
day of week:Friday
month:September, December
holiday: Merry Christmas!
brand of toothpaste:Crest Vivid White
brand of shampoo:Clairol
type of makeup:Lip stuff
place to be:Safe, comfortable home
subject in school:Was Drama, Languages (English, French)
class: ...
teacher:Several, loved Mr. Pittis
foreign language:French
historical event:I'm fascinated by the 1930's and '40's, USA and Erurope
city:I'll take Manhattan
article of clothing:T-shirts
item you own:Cozy sweater
pet:was Muffin the adorable doggie
animal:Dogs, but I love all animals
season:Still Autumn
type of weather:Mild
extra curricular activity (dance, gymnastrics, etc.): ...
sport:To do? Sail
party game: ...
Dating & love
physical feature in the opposite sex:Friendliness
personality trait of the opposite sex:Warmth
place to go on a date:Dinner and a movie is still a big fave for me, but I love to talk at a cafe (or wherever) for hours, too
thing to do on a date:Talk, if it's a new person
gift to get from your date:His presence
flower:Gerbera Jamesonii, AKA the Gerber Daisy
kind of kiss:Deep, long and sweet
place to be kissed:Mouth
place to kiss your date:Mouth
topic of conversation with your date:Whatever arises naturally
way to show affection:Big cozy sweet hugs
way for them to dress:However he'd like
way to communicate with them (phone, email, etc.):In person
Music, Movies, etc.
genre of music:Today? Industrial
band:So many, Jeez
singer:Right now, K.T. Tunstall
radio station:Jack FM
concert you've been to:Dave Matthews Band
party music:Rock
romantic music:Sade
way to listen to music (CD, radio, etc.):iPod
music to listen to when you're sad:Soul II Soul
music to listen to when you're angry:Megadeth, other hard edged music
song: I miss Jesus Christ Pose
lyrics: "If you open your mind to see, you won't rely on open eyes to see" - Queensryche
album:Today? So - Peter Gabriel
song that relates to your life:"The Rest Is Still Unwritten" - Natasha Bedingfield
quote:"Only Connect" - usually attributed to E.M. Forster
joke: Sly in-jokes
actor:George Eads
actress:Scarlett Johanssen
comedian:Jon Stewart
TV show overall:CSI:
reality show: ...
game show:Jeopardy
drama:House, Bones, more
sitcom:Today? Till Death
TV channel:CBS
movie:Today? Shawshank Redemption
genre of movie:Action/Thriller
place to go to the movies:The Arclight, or Grauman's Chinese #9, the original big theater
people to see a movie with:I like going on my own, actually
type of movie to see in a theater:Big, expensive, popular special effects monsters like King Kong, Star Wars, etc.
All About You
physical feature:Eyes
personality trait:Friendliness
way to wear your hair:Back and up
way to wear your makeup:Not much
pair of shoes:The Docs
outfit:Jeans and T-shirt
thing that makes you smile:Tony, emails from The Prof
family member:Noah
friend:Joy again
room in your house:Kitchen
place to be alone:Anywhere's fine
place to be with your friends:Their house, wherever they'd like to be
The Internet
website:The Sixth Notebook
email host:Gmail
IM service:Gmail's
online friend:The Reverend Dr. Neurogeist
blog site:Joy's
online game:Tetris
IM/chat phrase: ...
search engine:Google
font: Varies by purpose
Travel & the world
type of car:Mercedes SLK 350
form of transportation:Trains are therapeutic
state in the US:Washington State, California, New York
place to vacation:Hawaii
ocean:Pacific, although the Atlantic kicks some ass, too
country:The United States of America
place to travel:so far, Europe
type of climate (arctic, desert, beach, etc.):Mild, agreeable
type of surroundings (city, country, etc.):To live in? the City; to visit? Anywhere but suburbs or boring plains
State Park: The Olympic National Rain Forest
natural wonder:Let me get back to you on that ...
body of water:Today? Lakes
childhood toy:Books
childhood memory:Reading
childhood friend:James was pretty cool
elementary school activity:Dismissal
place to play:My room
game to play:Ninny and Esses (ask and I'll teach you)
birthday party (yours or a friend's):My fifth was cool
food as a kid:Ravioli, chocolate
way to annoy your parents:Tried not to, failed miserably
way to get what you wanted:Got it myself
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