Thursday, November 09, 2006

Trading Places

I have a new Seattleite pal on MySpace:

His name is Bill. I think he's using the site mainly for dating, and he seems like a pretty cool guy. He lives in an area of my sweet hometown that I know very well, Ballard. I used to work at the Olympic Athletic Club there, and see bands live in its great little clubs. One of my favorite singers, Chris Cornell, went to school at St. Alphonsus in Ballard.

Bill is from Los Angeles, born and raised within a couple miles of where I currently live, a 90+ year old apartment building from which you could throw a rock and hit The Arclight, A.K.A The Cinerama Dome. He told me just this morning that he and his buds used to sneak in there all the time growing up, and that he went to nearby Hollywood High.

I think it's cool that this guy who lives in a neighborhood I love (and very near where I'm from) found me, a girl who lives very near where he's from.

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