Friday, November 03, 2006

*Rolls Eyeballs Dramatically*

I forgot about the letter "V",

A.K.A., the number FIVE.

This morning while riding to work with the lovely and grape-flavored Joy (her soul is purple), I was car-watching and fantasizing about personalizing the license plates of my future Mercedes SLK 350 (hey, it's MY brain, I can do what I want in there :P), Audi TT, Audi A4 and Jeep [I Haven't Decided Which Model, But Definitely A Jeep]. Some of the less intriguing, but more pertinent ideas:

Cath I, Cath II, Cath III and Cath IV

Thatch I, Thatch II, ThatchIII and Thatch IV


Then I saw a cool car on the freeway, and thought, ooo, I want that one too, so that one would be license plate number Cath VI or Thatch VI or ... HEY, WAIT A MINUTE, THAT WOULD MAKE MY MASERATI 'CATH VII', WHICH IS

So, *smacks forehead*, I realized that I had forgotten about the Roman glyph for numeral five: the lonesome letter V. It goes naked for five between IV (4) and VI (6).

But for online notebooks titled in Latin, that just doesn't look good, so what am I gonna do. Americans understandably first (and sometimes only) read "V" as the capital letter V and not the Roman numeral five; people would just think I've named the thing after a (misspelled) brand of feminine hygeine products and a random letter of the alphabet and figure, well, she's off her rocker, let's click "Next Blog" rather immediately.

So I'm just gonna smear the truth around and re-subtitle the blog 'the sixth notebook'. Think of it as a 13th floor (still often labelled 14th floors, which I think is kinda cool actually).

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