Saturday, November 25, 2006

Not Dead

Sorry it's been like 379 years since my last post, and I can't spend any real time right now, but I thought I'd check in and let you know all is well.

*I haven't contacted Tony yet, although I do have a phone card and will talk with my mom about ways to approach this, shortly

*Bernie arrived briefly in L.A. but had to return home almost immediately, basically because airlines are hyperbureaucratic assholes from the seventh circle of hell

*I went to the fashion district to try to find good cheap stuff - verdict: yes to some extent on the 'cheap', not so much on the 'good'. I did come away with a few fun stocking stuffers, however.

*I actually have untouched money left not only in my bank, but (a few bucks just to see how long I can go without touching it) in my savings account. There is a thread (though it remains a very thin one), of me making it home for Christmas this year. Toast me, bitches.

*In the words of the great and admirable David Schmader, Nothing happened today. Laundry, cleaning and possibly a trip back downtown are on the list for tomorrow. I'll talk to you again on Monday from work.

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