Monday, November 13, 2006

Jeff/Cath NFL Update

Happy for me, but quite painful for Jeffrey. He owes me a ticket; I'll let you know the results as soon as he lets me know.

Currently, team standings:

Redskins: 3 & 6, PCT .333; Home 2-2, Road 2-4; AFC 2-2, NFC 2-4; DIV 1-3 - last in the NFC East

Seahawks: 6 & 3, PCT .667; Home 4-1, Road 2-2; AFC 1-1, NFC 5-2; DIV 3-0 - first in NFC West

Jeff/Cath standings:
(the most recent update for us was over a month ago - let's hope we get a winner, today!)

As of Oct. 6: "[Your Redskins Scratcher] won $15! You get $9 to add to your $1.20
$10.20) , I get $6. to add to my $1.80
$7.80); you are ahead by $2.40."

I'll have a meatier entry a bit later today. :)

*later, 4:50 p.m.* - Or not, I've ended up preoccupied with stuff today, happily in one incredible case. I will talk about that tomorrow. I haven't heard from Jeff yet today though; I won't pester him about it unless it gets much later in the week with no word. The guy probably doesn't really want to think about football at the moment.

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