Friday, January 26, 2007

Listening To Myself Talk

This is an entry from my personal journal. I very rarely go back and read old stuff, with this one exception. I need to hear it every few weeks or so. I wish I were better at following my own advice:

Apples to Zen

I thought last night: when you really improve your life, it won't be out of anger or disgust with yourself, and it won't be due to a moment, no matter how remarkable, of inspiration. It won't emerge like a phoenix from a really deep black mood nor be propelled any more than a few feet out of a happy one. It won't even come of being on the right career path or making peace with your past. It will come of making everyday decisions that are in your best interest from the time you wake up until you go to bed at night. Right Action. Since it's tricky to remember what to do and why, since the big picture is not displayed for you when you wake up in the morning and your motivations are so easily lost in the moments of the day, design a way keep them at the forefront of your consciousness. Keep bringing what's important back to your attention. Get something up on the wall here at home, figure out a portable version to take with you. But don't be pissed, don't bother. Really. Get it out of your system. Zen out. Don't just hope for a happy morning, expect it or get it that way. Attitude is everything. Find the motherlode for your sense of humor so you don't lose it when your down like this. And tomorrow? buy a giant sack of apples.

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