Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I saw Pan's Labyrinth on Saturday, and some thoughts on that are forthcoming. I have to bring some stuff from my own computer to here at work, including that, writing stuff and a few other entries from my personal journal.

What else? Ah, football. Well, first of all, congratulations to 2007 AFC Champs The Indianapolis Colts and 2007 NFC Champs The Chicago Bears.

I know I'm supposed to be going for my own league, but I have to say my heart is with the Colts this year. I was stung kinda hard by that last loss, maybe harder than usual. First of all, The Hawks hadn't really been doing well, but there was a little energy there toward the end so I got my hopes up for a full-on rally monkey. No monkey. Second of all, Joe Montagne kinda killed my buzz. I was watching the news, and they were filming outside Taste Chicago - my all time favorite pizza place so far in life, FANTASTIC rich, tasty pie. And there was it's proprietor, Joe Montagne, like him, he's cool, so I'm checking out the festivity and hoping he talks about his joint, his hometown and his team. And of course I expected a bit of the usual sort of trash talking on the Seahawks. Well he definitely did that last part, but then he had to go on to also dis SEATTLE. The city itself, my beloved, spectacular hometown. Hmph, I thought, I'd never rag on Chicago THE CITY (As it happens, I don't even boo opposing teams,only cheer my own, but that's just me. I do get it. I mean, there it is, all part of the game). So I felt pretty sore about that, which has bled into my feeling pretty sore about his team. Which of course is not right, so I am in the process of getting over myself. In the meantime, two words, baby:


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