Wednesday, January 03, 2007

...Panda Hippo Gnu Deer

I dug my New Year's wish from last year, so I thought I'd dust it off and hang it up again:

I wish you the very best that 2007 could possibly have to offer you!

May you have peace, health, happiness, dreams dreamt and come true (or begun to), good sleep, good eats, fun times & safe home.

May all of you drive carefully and be surrounded by polite, friendly drivers.

May you all have plenty of money and all the stuff you want and need.

May your loved ones have what you wish for them and more.

May your non-fake plants stay alive in your care.

May your pets frolic and love you to pieces.

May the world, your friends, the cosmos and your favorite person/sweetie love you to smithereens and be wonderfully good to you.

May you take joy in old friends, deepening your bonds, and may you make marvellous and fantastic new friends.

May you see magnificent movies and talk about them for hours after.

May you drink excellent coffee and have at least a few really fabulous meals with people you enjoy deeply.

May you have love, sweetness and light, all the way through 2007 and far beyond.

With all my love to all of you,

Happy New Year!!


Also, know your blogger better in 2007:

Some things I live for:

The anchoring presence of family (Hi, Tony!) and friends, giving love and being loved

Affection and affinity, being touched physically, bonding non-physically

Being nourished, moved and surprised in experiencing real life

Being nourished, moved and surprised in experiencing the arts

My great big hopes and dreams

All that is natural

Including that which is contrived (contrivance is natural to humans)



Movement and excersize

Enjoyable, fulfilling challenges

Work, action, change, learning




Coffee, chocolate and other favorite foods and drinks

good sleep and other comforts

My favorite people, living and dead, acquainted with me and not

My favorite ideas and topics

My favorite other stuff


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Kyrene said...

Well said.