Friday, January 05, 2007

Interesting Eye

I was hunting around Quattro's blog to see if I could find an image of him, so I could either tell him I think he's really handsome, or lie and tell him I think he's really handsome. A bit of advice: All good men, all gentlemen, all husbands charming and not, everyone's brother, son and dad, all favorite uncles and male cousins, co-workers and fellow bloggers are handsome. No matter what.

This is a slight variation on (and extended remix of) the male half of some advice I got at about age eight:
All wives are lovely; all husbands are charming."
"But....!", I began to protest.
"Shhh - no matter
"Oh", I said.

The truth is, if Kevin is any taller than me (not hard for most men as I am 63 inches tall), has either most of his hair or none at all, has friendly peepers and a warm smile, I will almost certainly genuinely think he is handsome. The question arises in the first place from the comments under this blog post.

Anyway, in clicking around, I found his online portfolio Optic Chaos. He is a car guy! Here are my favorite images from that:

MMMmmmMenMenMen (this top one is my very fave, the rest are in no particular order):




I wonder what kind of plant this is?:


Q has a keen sense for architecture, this shot had the coolest color:


รจs Moderne:


So SoCal:



Cutest girl in the world:



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