Friday, February 02, 2007

Football Fun, Other Stuff

Yay, it's almost Superbowl Sunday!!! There will be either one of two things: A fabulous party at The Hole, consisting of me and the television, or: Me, going to a sports bar other likely spot to cheer on the Colts with other losers who have only a The Hole of their own and no healthy peeps to hang out with. I say healthy, because if poor Joy were not in a heap on the floor with strep throat, I'd go hang out with her and Jason and their peeps. But she is, poor baby. Please think healing, comfortable happy thoughts for her.

I'm here at work today without her, and with her boss, Rick (Okay, it's our boss, but I really just consider myself Joy's person here. I'm not wrapped up in the company, just here to make her life easier and earn a few bucks while I scramble - if you can imagine tedious scrambling - to get my real work off the ground). Right now making a few video files on the computer of footage taken in the field, then I put those onto CD. That is not my main function here, but I do it. I usually take written field reports and whip them into appropriate shape for this company's clients. I don't have any of that to do today, unfortunately. We are working on a big huge high profile case that the client is asking for by a completely unreasonable due date, so I'll be coming in tomorrow to help out. I'm not too sure how handy I'm coming in, but I think I'm making Rick feel better just being here.

My guess is I'll be back with at least one more entry today. :P

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