Friday, February 09, 2007

Happy Friday

I'm still alive. I've been busy at work lately doing video for this big case. I'm done with a particular segment of it, with one more to go, so I'm taking a breather at the moment.

I'm happy that The Colts won the Big Game. According to a surprising amount of people, they were a shoo-in, which I did not realize. Next year, I hope smart sports people will be saying that about the Seahawks. :D

Nothing else at the moment, no news, and I can't think of either of the topics I was gonna mention here...I'll have to start writing them down in a notebook again. Also, less to talk about because I haven't worked on a set for weeks now. Joy has needed the help lately, and Luis has been here at the office, so I can't use the phone to get work. I was thinking about going outside and using my own phone, but I think I'm gonna wait till things are all the way back to normal after this huge case anyway. I'll finish this video and get set back into the usual routine - one more week. Next Friday, one week from today, I'll call to start getting work on set again.

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