Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tour Day at Starline

Hullo. Well, I can't work, so I'm playing a bit. We've got several of the big British Double Decker buses, but many of them are being used for the new Hop on-Hop off tour, and the ones that are used by Miguel and myself for the regular one-hour Hollywood tour are being given maintenance, so. The powers that be are being quite kind to us, finding other stuff for us to do, so my day, today, was spent taking other peoples' tours. I had a blast.

I started off on John the Trolley guy's tour:

Here is John, who does some pretty convincing impressions of the Hollywood stars whose stories he tells, as well as being highly informative and a lot of fun, and his trusty Trolley. On the road with him...

... I got the best look at/photo of the Hollywood Sign I've seen yet,

...and the Bronson Gate. Now, I usually see this several times a day myself when I give my own tour, but today there was this super cool Transformer guy in the archway.

I was then gonna go on wonderful Lisa's tour...

But then I found out I was on John Leigh the Rock Star's tour. Both of these peeps are amazing, intelligent, have awesome personalities and a lot to teach. On John's tour, we got to see people's houses in the Hollywood Hills, which was great for me because I love it there and want to live there. Even if I had a kajillion dollars, enough to have a house in Beverly Hills or Holmby Hills, I would still want to live in the Hollywood Hills. I'm a sucker for this town. We went up to Mulholland Drive, where I saw:

The Los Angeles Skyline (I really want to get this at night), and

The Hollywood Bowl with its acoustic shell and 18,000 seats. This is really the same shot, but I tipped the camera downward to try to focus on the Bowl. Then, we came back to the Chinese Theater Kiosk and I visited with:

Kelly! She rocks the house, yo

Robin, such a sweet and happy guy - if I'm low energy or in a bummed mood, his big smile never fails to cheer me up...

The cool guy with lots of tattoos whose name I can't EVER remember :P I suck

The lovely Mary, always working hard, very kind and welcoming. I did not get to see:

Brian, my boss' brother, who does this cool murder and mayhem Haunted Hollywood tour. I plan on taking that with Carson, Chi, Delane and a few other pals on Halloween this year. He wasn't there today :( But...

Richard was (he still is, it's only 5:25 p.m.). This is my boss whose family I work for. I feel pretty damn lucky to work for such great people. My camera's card was full at this point, or I would have taken one of his dad Fred, Kami who hired me, Gwen who is just a saint, Asher and some of Richard's other brothers, as well as James, Muhammed and some of the other cool characters I see from day to day. I will get them tomorrow or soon. I love Richard's family and all these folks.

Richard in his natural habitat.

So, today was cake. I took notes, I took pictures, I wore my regular clothes. And got paid :) I didn't get to see or snap everybody I wanted to, but I will, and I think now that I have a digital camera (THANKS, JOY!!!) I'll be documenting more of the day to day life I live here while working toward making my big dreams happen.

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