Thursday, July 19, 2007

more weird nap dreams

I was meeting my friend Jeffrey for coffee at a restaurant. Once I got there, I noticed he seemed uncharacteristically harried and quiet, and looked a little windblown, unkempt. You have NO idea how unlike Jeff this is, he is always the picture of grace, sleek, neat, together, open, warm, collected, welcoming.

I had to go to the restroom right away, wishing I hadn't because I wanted to make the most of this rare occasion of seeing him. Couldn't wait though, so off I went, into this convoluted maze of hallways in the middle of this building. I couldn't find the restroom at first, but then stumbled across the door, nearly missing it. It was dark and strange in there, ceilings too high, strange angles and turns. When I emerged, I could not make out which hallway I should use, tried one and ended up going up some stairs that looked like they belonged in a grade school. Back down the stairs, whole other hallway, this one leading to the back stage of a music venue. I ducked back into the halls, took another one, this leading to an abandoned gym. All the equipment was silhouetted in dark blue light, looking creepy and dead, hand towels and pieces of track suits hanging off the handles and seats. Back into the mess of hallways, finally I got the right one back to this café, which feels now like just a small part of this huge old building.

I had become extremely agitated at the waste of time, and Jeff was slurping his coffee irritatedly and scribbling in a folder. He looked worse than before and something was the matter; concerned, I didn't bother him with the tale about my getting lost. Somehow, he had gotten drenched, completely soaked, even though he had not apparently moved from the booth. He said, "Let's go", and took my forearm. We went outside to where the street would be, but there was this treehouse fort thingy and we had to walk up a wooden ramp to get in. There were dogs up there who looked tired and detached, distracted. The roof started leaking. There was one little dog we had to get, a cute thing, Jeff's own dog, I gathered. He put the dog in my arms and we started to return outside, but for some reason we did not have to go down a ramp, but stairs, and not all the way down. The roof started leaking way more, then profusely. I thought, is this how Jeffrey got wet? Out from under the roof, we got sploooshed all of a sudden by a very powerful unexpected wave, as though we were at stormy seas. Things got darker, we rode this wave upward and I was extremely worried about this dog, holding as tightly as I could without hurting it. I could no longer see Jeff, but he was there, I could hear him saying something. What was odd was, his frame of mind did not seem to change at all, he did not become alarmed or any sudden new expression or mood, he just still seemed kind of rushed and irritated. Another couple of progressively higher and stronger waves pushed us upward, we just rode along. I don't remember feeling like swimming or struggling, just holding the dog and riding the waves. I felt badly for the ordinarily sunny Jeff, darkened today.

Then I woke up.

So strange! What does it all mean?

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