Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Inaugural Post

I'm thinking that by the time I finish writing this, it will be September the 12th, 2006. Below is some of last post at LSHQ, just to tie things together.

For anyone who has just stumbled across our humble launch here at Codex VI, it is a blog that picks up where my old blog, LaughingSky, left off at the beginning of this summer. I had needed a break from it, and a few weeks in I realized I needed a whole new slate. So here we are.

The Fifth Notebook

I have found myself getting eyesore and kind of brainsore of LaughingSky as it is, here. I love the little story behind its name and I think I dig the blog overall. It's not going anywhere, here it will always be, but it's time for a fresh slate.

I'd really like to make audioblogging more of what I do. I'd like to give you some of the little thoughts in between posts that I never really ended up sharing. I want the posts generally to be shorter and sexier, I'd like whole thing to have a little more punch.

Codex is the original (Roman) word for notebook, what they called a bound sheaf of uniformly cut papyrus. This was how civilization improved (vastly) upon the scroll. I have always written to myself in physical paper notebooks, and of course typing onto a computer screen is not really much different. I like the throwback term, akin to Windows' use of an old-school hourglass to indicate that it's taking time to think. I have kept four journals using a computer so far: LaughingSky, two incarnations of a private online [blog] just for me, and its offline counterpart simply called Codex. So Codex VI is Notebook Number Five.

On this coming Tuesday, September 12th, I'll come back and say hi to you guys at the new joint. I've missed blogging and I'm looking forward to it.

Back to right now: Now it is that particular day, the day after 9.11, a day people think about healing up and letting their spirits rest, looking around to see what is truly important. A good day for beginnings, I think, for kicking off new blogs, for example, or what a person can hope will be a good year in her life.

I've really missed blogging and I'll see you soon, probably later today!

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