Monday, September 18, 2006

Football Stuff

Jeff is a Redskins fan and I of course am a Seahawks fan. Back when I still worked down at his building, he told me about this thing he has going with a friend of his: each time the Skins win, the friend owes Jeff; each time his friend's team wins, Jeff owes him. He said, "You and I oughtta do that". I said, "Yes, yes we certainly oughtta." As well as being pretty confident that I would kick his ass all over the place this year, I was glad to have something to do with him. I dig him, he's a good guy who reminds me somewhat of the guys in family. We have been keeping in contact since I left (on my end, I am waaay too good at this. As a chatty person, there is folly, FOLLY I tell you!, in perceiving email as a substitute for talking in person. I think I make this mistake with a few people. It doesn't work, and you're left gapingly unsatisfied. Like a drug addict, you try to fix this by - you guessed it - sending more, longer emails. :P Your busy recipient is often less than thrilled, and you are kind of embarrassed).

Anyway, what we are betting is Lottery tickets. The Hawks won the other day, so he bought me a Scratch Ticket. It won $3. I thought it was cool that we got a winner right off the bat. We split the winnings, 60/40 in favor of the ticket holder, so $1.80 of that is mine. We're keeping track, and payout happens at Season's end. I'm pretty sure I'll come out ahead, but I suggested the Lottery thing to level the playing field in a way: conceivably, the Skins could only win
once and Jeff still has a chance to come out ahead, if the ticket I buy him is a lucky strike. So far:

Cath: $1.80
Jeff: $1.20

...and as of yesterday, he owes me another ticket. And I continue to owe him NADA, brothers and sisters, nada. Boy, does his team suck ass so far this year. Maybe something will dawn on them, and they'll rally. Meanwhile, mine is cautiously optimistic.

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