Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mystery Caller!

At just after 4p this afternoon, I checked the little cell phone to make sure someone at the office hadn't tried again in vain to reach me. He hadn't and all is well, but there on the screen was this little note:

"U don't talk to me any more cutie"

Now then: I've managed to spend almost the WHOLE time from then till now (an hour and a half or so) without it occurring to me that I might have been a wrong number, reveling in the lovely mysteries of the Secret Pal: Whoooo could it BE!? Who am I not thinking of? How awful should I feel for not being able to recognize him (him, certainly?) right away? Are we at all close? Were we? Hmmm!!

After a while I thought to try a reverse look up: I could only find out that it's a prefix for Mt. Pleasant, TX. Who do I know there, I mused. Anyone? Or who do I know from somewhere else, but who has family, work, other connection to Texas? Alas, I couldn't think of a single soul, but not long after came the moment it occurred to me that the sweet, lonely words were probably meant for another girl...


But not knowing anything for sure, I do still get to keep the mystery. I love little mysteries here and there in life. They spice things up a little.

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