Friday, March 09, 2007

In The House

I love working on a set. I love the long days, I love the actors, I love being enveloped in this other world, I love being excited about the day and my life, I love seeing and experiencing stuff that is completely unique. I love the gruff and too-cool-for-school crew, I love the happy crew, crew rules. They are so fucking great at their jobs it is insane, and you realize the Oscars and Emmys exist so that these people can get close to properly thanked. All that glitz, you realize on the set, is really the least that could be done.

I always have fun stuff I could be writing to you about these experiences... I'll be getting internet service at home again very soon and will have more time for stuff like that. (That should also mean way more frequent posts, I really do love blogging and am always wishing I could be talking to you every day. I will be doing a vlog from Joy's this weekend, so that should be fun times).

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