Friday, June 22, 2007

Aprés le jeu d'étape

I will be writing a review of "Come Back, Little Sheba" tomorrow, in the meantime:

ALAN: "It's good to see you, sweetie! How are you!"

ME: "Alan!"

[Hug with smooch on cheek; I return smooch]

ME: "That was beautiful. You did beautifully."

ALAN [earnestly]: "Thank you."

ME [clearly still a bit verklempt]: "I cried buckets."

ALAN [smiling]: "Good!"


ME [handing ALAN a slip of paper]: "I really miss seeing you guys down there. I have wanted to send you a couple of emails - I have sent you around Christmas, and another one ... I'm keeping in touch with Jeff!"

ALAN: "Ahh, he's in New York, now."

ME: "He is, he's in New York now."

ME: "Will you send me an email?"

ALAN: [gesturing paper toward ME] "Yes, I will."

ME: [indicating and smiling at others present] "Thank you for your extra time, I know you're busy."

ALAN [waving them off]: "Oh, please!"

ME: "It's been good to see you."

ALAN: "Good to see you, too, sweetie! Take care."

[ALAN wraps arms around ME, now even more warmly with renewed familiarity and in sympathy that I miss him]

ME: "You did so well, you all did. Bye!"

ALAN: "Bye!"

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